Hey, I am Josh Falls – Adventurer, traveller, photographer, content creator and Blogger from Sydney, Australia.

Josh Falls Adventure Blog has a clear focus on everything adventure, from both popular and off-the-beaten-track destinations to explore, and also products that I believe are perfect to use for your travels and adventures. My blog will cover specific topics including: Destination guides, travel, product and brand reviews, camera gear and travel and adventure gear. Whether it is a day trip, weekend get away or extended holiday, I’ve got you covered with ideas to make the most of the great outdoors!

This is also a space for me to showcase my personal and professional content creation work, from destination shots, photoshoot collaborations, brand collaborations, video content, and more.

Overall, I am an experienced Content Creator who has dedicated an immense amount of time into my social media presence over the years. This has enabled me to gain work with many brands to create photo and video content, as well as detailed blog posts, for their products. So as a Content Creator, what can I offer and how can you work with me?

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Work with meMy Services and Content Creation I offer


I specialise in different styles of photography including landscape, aerial and portrait, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. This service is for a range of different audiences, including, but not limited to, individuals who wish to expand their own online presence through stunning images of themselves; couples who wish to have images that capture their unique connection and families who wish to capture lifelong memories that can be forever treasured.


I am able to capture footage from both land and air and tailor make a video to meet your specific needs. This includes whether you have a vision to capture, a story you wish to tell, a campaign you wish to promote, or if you are an individual, couple or family who wish to further bring the images I have captured to life through a stunning video.


This service involves content creation tailored specifically to taking your brand’s online presence to new heights. In the current digital world, with online being the largest driving force for world economy, now has never been more important than ever before for your brand to gather high quality content that can be displayed online, which accurately promotes and showcases the high level service your brand delivers to your audience.

Social Media Promotion

As a photographer, videographer and even a model, I can help promote and advertise any brand through sponsored social media posts In order to create the best content for the brand I am promoting, I ensure I plan meticulously in advance for what I am creating and dedicate time to travel to a desired location that best suits the content needs. My service for Social Media Promotion can work as either a one off promotion or through an ongoing monthly basis through discounted package deals.

Blog Reviews

If you are a tourism board looking to promote a specific location, then through tourism campaigns and press trips I can offer the service of creating destination guides to promote through my blog. My blog can also be used to further promote products from brands through an in depth product review for my audience to read, and in turn help drive traffic to your own website.

My Audience

Overall, my work and blog appeals to people of any age group who have a passion for adventure, outdoors, travel and photography.

For further information into the insights of my social media audience, as well as previous work I have produced, I can send you my Media Kit upon request. Please fill out the contact details into the form on the Contact Me section of my site or send an email directly to

So, if you are ready to work with me, then please click the ‘Contact Me’ button below and use the form to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!