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Hi everyone! Welcome to my Adventure Blog!

For years I have been adventuring to some of the most incredible places nature has to offer. From locations in my own backyard, to epic road trips, all the way to breathtaking travel destinations; I have captured some incredible moments and gems through my passion in photography. Now this is a space to turn these moments to life, whereby I will share my adventures, incredible places to see and explore, of course my favourite waterfalls, travel gear that is a must to use, plus many more.

The goal of my blog is to ultimately inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone to get outdoors and immerse yourself in so much that mother nature has to offer. It is a known fact, backed by a multitude of research, that nature improves mental health, happiness and overall life satisfaction. It is therefore my goal to not only have you exploring the stunning great outdoors, but to have you feeling so much better about yourself as a result.

So that being said, what are you waiting for? You can check out my most recent blogs below or simply use the search bar to look up what kind of adventure you wish to go on. Is it a waterfall, a look out, a nature walk, a spot for drone shots? I’ve got you covered.

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