Photo of me holding a camera

Hi! I’m Josh Falls, a freelance content creator based in Sydney, Australia.

Since my teenage years, I have pursued my love for nature and passion for adventure and travel and combined this with the art of photography. To me, photography is not just an interest or a hobby, it is a lifestyle and passion. I love every second with my camera and take every opportunity I can, to push my creative limits and capture moments in time through my creative eye. I also have a passion for videography and bringing to life a location, the people within it and the experiences I can capture.

My style of photography and content creation work is distinctive in terms of not only the locations I find and capture, but the overall compositions I create and editing styles I use, resulting in an overall unique product.

The name “Josh Falls” comes from my love for the outdoors and adventure and my deep level of connection with everything nature has to offer, especially waterfalls. However, it goes deeper than this. Describing a waterfall is like describing me as a person. A waterfall is a body in nature, whereby no matter what time of the day or what the conditions are, a stream of water will continue to flow over the top and make its way down no matter what. Likewise with myself, I am a laid back individual who continually goes with the flow of life, no matter what level of challenges may get in my way. Further, in waterfalls, when the stream comes crashing down, it comes down hard! But it doesn’t stop there, the stream continues to flow on to its next location. Just like myself, with any work I take on, I tackle it with shear determination, grit and hard work and I go above and beyond until that last pixel or second is edited. But once I’m done with one project, my hard work continues onto the next. “Josh Falls” therefore encompasses everything that makes me as a person, and everything I have to offer for both myself and anyone that works with me.

My final word…In my view, there is no last step to one’s journey to success. It is this belief which drives me to continue to strive to produce the highest quality and standard in my work and to continually push my creativity. I take real pride in knowing that the people I have worked with are incredibly satisfied with the quality of work and services I have provided for them.